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Law of Creation

“If you cannot find the truth right where you are,
Where else do you expect to find it?”

Chapter III

The Law of Creation

            To begin this chapter I would like to ask you a very real and truthful question? Did you receive an operator’s manual when you were born, you know, a manual instructing you how to work precisely with life, to live effortlessly in life? Do not feel embarrassed because neither did I, at least not until after studying under my Master teachers in the Far East. In the form of the twelve principles of Karma, I offer the manual to each of you in this book. Remember the Great Law, the first principle of Karma and the creative power behind all seeds we plant along our highway of life? The Great Law guides us to become aware of not only the present in which we are always involved, but also the number and types of seeds we set in motion, intentionally and otherwise. With the first principle now behind us, let us journey onward to the second, developing our ability to further enhance our knowledge in the true nature of life’s creative forces.

Karmic Law is indeed purposefully designed, helping us understand both ourselves and life on a much deeper level, developing a natural harmony or flow in all what we say and do thus the idea of an operating manual. In a sense, Karmic principles actually do provide our operating instructions, but only if we read, comprehend, and follow them; otherwise, they will just as easily create disharmony due to their natural precision and our unconscious interaction with them. Stop and take a moment to envision a life filled only with harmony, purpose, and complete abundance in all aspects. In truth, life is exactly this until we interrupt it, only because these principles remain unknown to us. Life is more real than we may have ever imagined, decisively purpose-filled, but not necessarily for the reasons we may think. Life is genuine and it is about growth, spiritual growth or awakening, realized or not, teaching us to be spiritually living creatures, reaching into the infinite divine, with Karma meeting this purpose in all respects. These are the main reasons why there is no way around the Law of Karma, for there are absolutely no loop holes in the principles contained therein. Rather, the Law is the manual from which we can elevate to this higher view of life. The principles themselves are as our teachers, assisting us to live in and honor all of life, to reach this supreme state of being, a loving, divine, empowered creator, which is a perfect segue for the introduction of the Law of Creation.

            In the eastern world, the Law of Creation is cited in this context to which I learned as I was walking with my teachers. Master Kiela looked at me and said, “Young man what if all events in your life are simply because of you? What if you draw the people to you that you do? Do you realize that you are responsible for all of the events that take place in your life?” I had to consider these for a few moments. Then he said this to me; “you attract to you what you are, not what you want.” Allow me to share this once again: you attract to you what you are, not what you want. “This principle is the very key to the reality of why your life is the way it is” he added; “Your life can be no different than you yourself are, because life is your exact mirror image, by Karmic Law. This is one of the primary keys since life is about magnetic fields of energy, the reason why it even exists in the very real sense. Humans are the only living beings able to shift the dynamics of life in any given moment. No other living creature may do this, for they are simply what they came in this world to be. A rose may not be a petunia and a cat cannot become a dog. We, on the other hand, may be anything we choose through the use of Karmic dynamics, the principles which also let us know we are the very first cause in our individual and collective lives.” My mind was now reeling with all of this information and I think that Kiela knew this by the smile on his face. This Law of Creation supports my assertion and magnifies from the last chapter on how we are a walking, breathing, thinking, electro-magnetic field generator, attracting every experience to us through what we plant each moment. Kiela went on; “This all is completely controllable and we are able to directly influence and we may direct it to any purpose we may see fit, keeping in mind that the intention is never about power over another, nor about power itself. Such intention would ultimately be a purpose of great error, only to create and perpetuate negative Karmic responses; on the other hand, Karma can make your life almost magical in your daily process when used wisely.”

            No human can actually gain power over another unless it is first given to them. Wait, I’m shaking my head on this concept because, the truth is, to believe we have power over another is to simply believe an illusion, one that we created in this reality. I suggested in my previous work “A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible” that all things were created equally and if not then our Creator would be flawed. If this was not the case then the principles of Karma would be an illusion. However, Karma ultimately ensures equality with all things, human and otherwise. This concept remains uppermost and imbedded in all creation along with the second principle, to simply confirm that we individually live with what we create, in each and every moment, and to own the responsibility for it. After all, we brought it into our experience! I will go out on the other limb with you. Suppose inequality is the truth in our reality, known as the Law of Inequality. When living under this Law, by the concept of “better than,” one experiences difficulty in a variety of ways, especially if they attempt to cover it over in some fashion? And by covering it over, do they not actually create their own isolation from an emotional perspective? I ask you, have you ever met an emotionally cold person? The truth is they actually believe they have power over others, or so they think. This is truly Karma in action, not the Law of Inequality! Have you also met people whose actions remain oblivious to them yet are intensely clear to you, and are quick to support their denial of the action? These individuals have developed the “better than” approach and, in most instances, are completely unaware of the walls they have built around them, a Karmic return. You see, Karma guarantees equality in all respects since acting from “better than” can only return to the individual what they first created for themselves by their own actions, pure isolation behind immense walls while being surrounded by people who think they are “better than”. The Law of Inequality, therefore, is a bona fide ego created illusion by its very nature, working contrary to love and connectedness, the two true divine attributes of the human.

When you read the Law of Creation, the second principle of Karma: you attract to you what you are, not what you want, how do you respond in thought? Perhaps something akin to, “No, I did not ask for this! These things and events did not come into my life because of me.” Forgive me, for I must affirm, “Yes you did create them.” This at first was very difficult for my self to realize and internalize the truth of the matter. You see, your energy base as the human attracts every event and circumstance to you, and it is a combination of many things. This so-called base is not comprised of just your thoughts, for it is also made up of all your fears, all your moments of hesitation and exaltation, all your heart-felt emotions, and of all to which you hold on and let go. These are your individual dynamics, and their sum equals your beliefs. Test this out. If you believe you are going to fail, you simply cannot succeed. If you believe you are un-loveable then love will elude you or you will get a façade of it. This is also why the first law is so very important because we reap what we ourselves plant we are the seed itself we are the magnet that draws our experience to us.

These dynamics or beliefs develop through our upbringing and subsequent experiences, an unending cycle of experiences which only validates our beliefs again, and again, and again. From the monk’s perspective, this is why beliefs must broaden through flexibility, to ever-expand as we grow and change from each learning experience into the next. In a later chapter we shall discuss for you the law of change and this one may surprise you in its scope. In truth, beliefs should never be static; however, countless humans think otherwise according to their indoctrination, or so they believe. Forgive me, for this is simply a falsehood. If you are in doubt of this simply look at the world as it is and you will see the simple truth in the power of beliefs. As previously discussed, Karma is our guide, not our so-called enemy or punisher. Consider this, when one does not allow belief to shift and change there shall occur specific Karmic returns for it and they continually repeat, with the intent behind the returns to wake the person up, to shake the shoulders a bit to get their belief to change, a truth you shall realize when we journey further to the appropriate principle. We grasp onto old beliefs entirely too firmly when, in truth, we should be more flexible with them, which is what the Christ intended for us to understand when He suggested that we cannot put new wine in old skins. And this is simply another version of how Karma works as we interact with life and experience.

            Although your beliefs are direct influences from what your dynamics have become, remember that they are all changeable because only you have the full responsibility of changing yourself. According to my instructions from my teachers if we shift our beliefs then our dynamics will follow suit. This is ultimately in your hands. Without ever blaming circumstances, can you accept the idea that you have attracted all the events in your life, just as I and others have, through how we actually see ourselves, a belief? This does not have to be a complex process in fact it is simple by its very nature. You know what you like about you and what you do not and these are all changeable at your choosing. The Law of Creation actually suggests that living a healthy, abundant, and successful life requires absolute full participation by you the individual. Remember in the last chapter when we discussed doing things half-way or holding back? In reality we should never hold back from anything or anyone in life since life has very little to do with which race, creed, country or belief we have. Yes, these are external circumstances; yet, they do not have to define your internal energy dynamics, for your personal definition is entirely up to you. It is all about what we have become as opposed to who we are in all moments. We truly can control this, should we choose to, by taking full and active participation in all of it, pouring our full nature into it, holding nothing back! At first, like the mind, this takes great effort, but it does become easier as we work with it, truly learning our own nature rather than others’; otherwise, we actually ask to be short-changed in our experiences, which I am certain you have felt at some point. You now may understand the “why” of it.

            I have shared earlier in the first chapter how we are all connected in the idea of oneness through consciousness; yet, this is much more far-reaching than just the external ideas of connection. The second principle indicates we are also one with our self. While studying in Nepal, one of my teachers asked me, “Why do you see everything as separate from you?” I answered, “That is how I was raised and is how all Americans are raised. I see this person or that one over there. There is a tree over there or a plant over here,” I pointed, “They are all separate.” He offered me this, “That is simply an illusion. All things are one and the same.” I became deeply puzzled and he could see the perplexed look on my face. He continued by saying, “That, as humans, we are all the same physically. Other than how we look, which is the only true difference, we all think the same, feel the same, and act the same.” He even went so far as to say that if I was thinking of something then he probably would be thinking of it too, at the same moment. What he said next was interesting, forming the basis of the statement above that there truly is no separation between the internal and external. One of the prime causes of disease, or “dis-ease,” is our belief that we see and live in separation between the internal and external, basically meaning we are ill at ease with the external environment we created. This unsettledness or seeming separation is the cause of our illness. Put another way, if we are not connected internally then we have inner division, why because we are now disconnected. And if we are divided internally, does it not stand to reason that we would be the same with the external, our environment? He went on to say that this is why we find so much disagreement with ourselves and what we do, with each other and what others do, even with the world. He suggested that I practice this inner union and then observe my outer world. Once this is mastered it gives a whole new meaning to life and individuality. I am here to tell you it is deeply humbling when you not only experience the connectedness of life but live in this manner it is much more fulfilling because you live holistically.

It is understood that the difficulty you may have in comprehending this shift in perspective; yet, the whole basis of Karma rests on our union between the internal and external environments. You see, we are directly connected from the inside to the outside each and every moment. There is no such thing as separation. That is pure illusion. It is all one. Yes, every thing does manifest differently from any other; yet, every thing has its basis in the exact same energy streams. Only its physical manifestation gives the impression of separation, which is how the mind operates with it. Look at this concept in these terms. For us to even “see” there must first be the appearance of separation or void so we are able to walk between the trees instead of walking into them. Let me go even further by asking, “Why do you see the table or any other object?” Because there is nothing around it, correct? This “nothing” allows us to “see” the table, or any object for that matter, basically allowing us to more easily navigate and handle all objects; yet, this “nothing” gives us the illusion of separation. “Nothing” is one of the prime keys to how we learn and gain intelligence but, as you may now see, it may also offer a minor hindrance if you are seeking the idea of consciousness since the hindrance can enter your perception of individual separation. In truth, we are not even separated from earth since it is simply a different manifestation of matter supporting life. As the earth goes so does life. As the human goes so does life. The Law of Creation guides us to understand this very concept and, by unifying our internal with the external, we can “see” more clearly and easily what we individually manifest or create.

Allow me to throw a curve ball at you, revealing the depth and breadth of this principle. Even if we do not care for our experiences, even if we deny our relationship or physical connection to them, we still remain directly responsible for them purely because of our mental and emotional connection to those experiences. So when I talk of our internal connection, I mean there exists no separation between our mental and emotional arenas. Certainly they appear separate when they are discussed; yet, they are not, for both the mental and emotional aspects directly influence each other just as we directly influence each other. And because this is a universal principle of life, this concept applies not only to each of us individually, but also to all of us collectively. The Law of Creation is simply attempting to alert us to this fact of life, the connection between every thing and every experience. It is suggested that we learn to not see any separation from our inner being to our outer world. As the Law states, our outer world is precisely the way it is purely because of how we are on the inside.

If you feel your life is in chaos, it is because you are the same on the inside. If you think your life is not organized, then you are not organized on the inside, your mind is simply not organized. If you have a peaceful life then you are peaceful internally. Choices create these ideas in how we feel, so if we choose differently, then we change our internal self, thereby taking us in a new and different direction. And just because a certain choice worked once does not necessarily mean it will work yet again. In truth, we are surrounded by and directly connected with clues to our inner nature constantly and continually; yet, we may not even realize it. Our outer world is not separate from us. It is us! It is what we see and must accept internally before we may ever shift it externally. We spend entirely too much time working with and on the external giving it the power yet we are the very ones that actually hold the power yet many of us seem powerless. Do not give your power away and you will then take control of your life by working on the interior of self.

It is fully realized the challenge you may have in understanding this concept; nonetheless, it is the truth and it does apply to every single living thing. The outer world is our Karmic circumstance being shown to us in all respects. Interestingly enough, for the most part, we are not willing to accept this idea, that our true nature is signified by what we have all around us. We should now realize the truth to the idea that there is no sidestepping or escape from this concept, Karma being what it is and magnetism being what it is. Expressed another way, our outer environment is a direct reflection of how we are inside. If you know a person whose life is in disarray, they are in disarray on the inside. If you would like your outer world to become organized then become organized internally and the outer will naturally follow this path. Certainly it may take a few moments to catch up to you, but be patient and wait for it; it will come and your life magically becomes organized. To shift anything externally, the internal shift must come first, not the other way around as this part of the world has been taught.

One beautiful fall afternoon Master Lobsang asked me to walk with him, leaving the monastery and heading toward the forest. Now knowing my teachers may walk for hours before speaking, I simply followed along in silence and patience. Approaching the trees, I walked on a pathway while Master Lobsang wandered along beside it, moving gracefully and effortlessly around tress and bushes. We continued to walk in silence until he looked over at me and asked, “Why do you walk on the path?” I replied, “I can see it; it is well worn.” He nodded, smiled, and fell back into silence while continuing to meander around and through the foliage. A few moments later he looked at me again, stating, “If you continue to follow the path you are walking on, young man, it could become so deep you would not be able to get out of it.” He fell silent. I looked over at him, “Master, you are not talking about me walking, are you?” He looked at me thoughtfully, “I am talking about your mind and how it operates.” He went on to explain how mental routine could easily turn into a rut from which it would be extremely difficult to free myself. You see, if we are repetitive in our choices, it is more because of our mental routines, the most predominant type of thought process from which we seem to operate. I am not entirely sure why we do so, except that maybe we actually believe it will make our life simpler or more comfortable; however, in the eyes of Karma this is not so. Why? Mental routines are quite possibly the most dangerous form of habit we could fall into, whether we remain stuck in the rut for a complete lifetime or for only a tiny portion of it. So how may we climb out of mental routines? During my teachings, Master Lobsang suggested that I learn to do everything free of routine, such as starting with my left leg rather than my right when putting pants on, or cleaning myself in a different order, or walking off the beaten path. “If you break the small routines then the larger ones, like how you think, would also become easier to break,” he instructed. Being a typical young American I took his instructions to heart and went full tilt by becoming aware of my every routine and body movement. You know, after a short time had passed, not only did I perceive how my choices changed in a myriad of ways, but also realized I seldom made the same choice twice, thereby easily shifting my mind and thoughts. I still practice daily “non-routine” to this very day.

May I offer you a rule of thumb to assist you on your journey in this world? Just a simple one with which you may use to assist you on this Karmic path of creation. In a sense, we all know the idea of people liking people who like what they like. Do you like that last sentence? In essence, we like people who are just like us since they match us in personality, dress, music, diet, travel, or whatever it may be. The rule of thumb is, if you want loving people around you then simply love. Being loving becomes your magnet to subsequently and automatically draw this kind of person to you. Trust it. They will find you. It is who you are, so how can an unloving person be drawn to you? They in truth can not. In fact, it will never enter their so-called unloving mind to do so the odds would be that they would be repelled by you. If this occurs do not be disturbed as it is their choice so allow them to have that choice.

If you are routine-oriented then those people around you will be identically the same as you yourself are. Remember you attract to you what you are not what you want is the rule. Simply become the magnet to draw into your experience whatever it is you choose. If you desire to surround yourself with smart people then become smart in virtually anything. They will be in your life because it is who you yourself already are, or because it is who you have now become. If you want the perfect mate, simply develop the traits which you envision in your mate, then Life itself will automatically deliver your envisioned mate to you. Never build a façade because that is what you will get in your pursuit of the perfect mate, another perfect façade. There is no way around this, for if you do, the facade will ultimately be exposed at some point in time as it has to. This principle is about living the truth of our inner nature because, by not living in that truth, we are then living a lie, which we will be ultimately surrounded by through Karmic return. It would be better to admit this than to continue because Karma is relentless in its purpose and will fulfill your every desire. This inner truth is ever-changeable by its very characteristic because it is you and you have the direct influence upon it and if you do not realize this then that now implies other things are in control of you. There is no empowerment in this. Who you were is never as important as who you are, right now. But it is up to you to do the shifting; otherwise, it most assuredly will stay with you right where you are and your same cycles will continue as they have been. The message conveyed by this principle is the knowledge that we create our reality from within us, not from without. In other words, that which shows up outside of us is purely what we had originally created within us. Nothing may come into our lives without our direct influence on it. Whether a thief, abundance, poverty, or health shows up, it matters not to natural Law. As mentioned earlier, Karma is solely the mechanism; therefore, our belief, including our choices based on that belief, will determine what we draw to us. You will find this true one hundred percent of the time. If you desire a different life no matter what it may be then change you to match it and it will come because you will draw the experiences to you.

            You attract to you what you are not what you want is a very viable idea, which is why it is listed as the second of the twelve Karmic principles. Our seeds become us, for they are what we have planted, nurtured, and grown, first internally then externally, so it would stand to reason that the Law of Creation would indeed follow the Great Law. Let us re-examine the homeowner’s situation, the one fearing that their home would be broken into. Through fear, the owner attracts the very thing they fear the most: having their possessions stolen. Fear is actually a dual-edged sword. From one side of the sword, the owner, being fearful, attracts the reason for the fear to themselves and their home. From the other side of the sword, the idea that the owner’s personal possessions have power over them is clearly apparent for they are looked upon as more important than they are, thus the reason for home security. How can this be? Fear is the key, and through the sense and need of protection from the fear, the owner had to secure the home and its belongings! This simply shows us that their things have power over them, that they are not willing to let their personal items go; therefore, possessions are more important than they are.

            When thinking of monastic living, do you believe that monks do not desire anything? Only to a point is this belief accurate. In truth, the real idea is the power of desire and what it may do to a person. Trust me, from personal experience I know and believe the monks are fine and happy simply with themselves since they know this is something which can never be taken from them. On the other hand, a desire can be taken. You see, when we give a desire the title of ownership, what we think we own now actually owns us, so much so that it totally affects how we truly feel about our self, which now means we have completely transferred our power to external things. This way of living is absolutely contrary to the original idea of life. You are the one with the true ability and power until you give it away to external things or to others, which occurs much too often I can readily say. And you wonder why you do not feel empowered? Perhaps now you realize why. We all give it up! We may give it up to things, family, religion, even to a government. By giving our self away to anything or anyone, we no longer are the one we were born to be and, when living in this sense, we are separated from the connection between our inner and outer environment simply because the outer has been granted unconditional power to now control us. If left unchecked, desire can completely consume and overpower the individual, involving and allowing the ego to misdirect them entirely. Of course, once this occurs, frustration and anger swells within the individual as these two emotions and the Karmic return perpetuate this creative motion. To a monk, this is the biggest reason why desire is controlled and why they are filled with content in all they have: only them self. In fact, they are willing to give away any personal possession at any given moment since it is not as important as life itself. Life is the greatest of possessions one may have and it is the only thing that we truly require. Only when we own our self are we then fully empowered over all things.

It has been revealed to you that Karma may swipe both ways. Either while swinging in the negative direction or in the abundantly positive one for you, the principle remains relentless. These first two principles show us this because, if we plant selfish and self-serving seeds, then their like-kind shall return to us; whereas, if we plant with wisdom then wisdom abounds all around us. The Law of Creation though is more pronounced and profound in its effect because its purpose is to reveal our true nature, rather than our illusions of self. Through our experiences, the second principle guides us to realize what we in fact created, and if we do not desire our creation then we may change its direction. Keep in mind, though, we may not be able to change the set of circumstances so created; however, our creation may be redirected, thereby changing the set of circumstances and hence the experience. Like the Creator, we must also realize at this point that we may never un-create, that all we can do is take what has been created and shift the direction of the creation until it becomes what we originally sought. The words state that we were made as co-creators, not as co-“uncreators.” This is very specific even in Karmic Law. Once we have a thing or the experience, do not struggle with it. Just allow it to play out as it is; otherwise, it may easily become compounded, leading us only into complete confusion and disarray. Also, denial of any personal responsibility for the environment will not assist you or anyone else, in any way. Denial will only slow the progress of what you are attempting to create. It is far better, therefore, to simply create again through another set of choices until the choice is perfected. The truth is, if we do not claim responsibility, then we sink into the depths of self-denial and Karma, as you know by now, will take care of this also, continuing in its uncompromising fashion until we no longer deny our self and the events surrounding us. By stubbornly staying on the abysmal path of denial, Karmic action will actually increase the possibility of greater pressure from the events we experience; thus, I suggest self-admission as the shortest and least dramatic path.

When we deny our self, we actually acknowledge, in a sense, that our life is nothing that our life is an accident and it is not. Living in this mindset now implies there is no purpose in our lives. In truth, we do have purpose; else we would not even be here! But if we do live by this mindset then, in a way, we live haphazardly or are heading toward disaster in whichever endeavor we attempt, becoming neither easy nor simple for anyone because life would be erratic. And would it not make total sense, therefore, such life could lead us into thinking that we no longer have control over it? So what is the answer? Our emotional mindset is the creator of this lifestyle. Let us peer into typical moments through which we all live.

This is an excerpt from my book on eastern philosophy ‘The Twelve Sacred Principles of Karma’. To find out more about me please visit my web site at www.hairfield.com.

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